Best of Our Blogs: October 6, 2017

As someone who is sensitive, I avoid the news as much as possible. Im also careful about what I consume (e.g. food, TV, movies). Things that doesnt affect others can have a negative impact on the way I live my life.
This is why all the recent events have been particularly hard for me. Things like being grateful, researching ways to help, and sending loving thoughts to those suffering prevented me from feelings of hopelessness and despair.
If you need extra support, this is a great article that lists resources written by our staff.
If the help you need is with a narcissist this week, all of our top posts have something for you.
Gaslighting: What It Is and Why Its So Destructive
(Psychology of Self) If youve always wondered, but were too afraid to ask, heres what gas lighting really is and what it looks like in childhood and adulthood.
Methinks Narcissists Dost Protest Too Much
(Narcissism Meets Normalcy) What happens when you confront a narcissist? Depends how close you get to the truth.
5 (Terrible) Lessons An Unloving Mother Teaches
(Knotted) Feeling helpless, insecure and alone could have been the consequences of an unloving mother.
The Painful Catch-22 of Caring About a Narcissist
(Narcissism Decoded) Being in a relationship with a narcissist is often a lose-lose situation. But if you dare venture into narcissistic territory, these four steps will prevent you from losing yourself.
What Its Like to Be a Complex Trauma Survivor of Narcissistic Abuse
(Recovering from a Narcissist) If youre a survivor of narcissistic abuse, your road to healing is long and complex, but as this post shows, there is hope.