Self-Care Sunday Links 9.4.16

Its been a while since Ive shared links to powerful pieces by other writers. So, today, Im changing that. Below are beautiful, important, insightful thoughts on everything from embracing our bodies to embracing ourselves.I hope you find these helpful, and I hope youhavea wonderful Sunday!
Remember you can opt out: You can opt out of everything from being weighed at the doctors office to workout classes that dont feel welcoming toIm so bad, I ate a piece of bread conversations.
How to create your own care instructions.

On burnout and the spoon theory.
Your body isnt anyones business.
On productivity, creation and burnout: We were not created to perform around the clock. Flowers do not bloom 365 days a year. The weather changes with fits and starts as the seasons roll into one another. The tide ebbs and flows. These natural phenomenons do not ask for permission to rest.We were not created to be productive at the expense of our human needs
How to thrive as a highly sensitive mom.
How self-compassion helped me feel good about my body.
How to tune into your body.
Looking back at old photos, at our old selves.
On sobriety, legacy and being yourself.
When your project doesnt take off.
The absolute best books on self-acceptance.
Safeguarding yourself from energy vampires.
10 ways to build a loving relationship with your body.
On self-loathing and lovingourselves instead: I believed that I could not love myself until I was some kind of polished golden orb of perfection, with an immaculately-controlled mind, a healthy body, and a totally clean record. Someone who would never make another misstep, never speak another unkind word, never be a f-up again in any way whatsoeverever. Then I could love myself.But who is that? Who is that person I have just described?That person is nobody. That person is no human being who has ever lived.And once you realize that, then you realize that we are all this same boat together. That everything you hate about yourself is nothing less than your HUMANITY. Your shared humanity
The most important thing that gets left out in self-care advice for moms.
A powerfulself-acceptance verb list.
Exploring what nourish looks like.
Applying the five love languages to loving yourself.
How we do one thing is how we do everything.
How divorce, friendship and yoga changed my life.
And a few questions to reflect on in your journal or to respond toin the comments: What blog posts or words have been inspiring you lately? What have been your favorite ways to practice self-care? What are you currently struggling with? Whats helped you in accepting your body?
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